First onsen experience in Nasu

First onsen experience in Nasu

One thing I really like about Japan is the onsen culture. Onsen is mineralized hot spring that provide therapeutic treament. There are so many places in Japan, like Hakone, Nasu, Kusatsu and Noboribetsu, that have onsens and some differ with each other in the minerals contained. With the popularity of onsen, the transportation to those cities is convenient by train or plane. It is really relaxing to enjoy the hot bath and then do sightseeing in the onsen city.

Let me share about my first onsen experience in Nasu. I stayed in a onsen hotel with my family for a night with dinner and breakfast (いっぱくにしょく). The hotel has a little garden and a big resting area for you to enjoy the view which gives you a leisure vacation feel.

The whole onsen experience is special and fun. Following the japanese etiquette, we need to take a shower first and go into the onsen naked. Even though men and women are separated in different baths, in the beginning it is a big struggle for me to take off all the clothes with other strangers. However, I understand that it is Japanese culture and I saw that many people go with families and they are so happy together. It is also my first time having a bath with my mom naked together, it is awkward in the beginning but gradually we feel the intimacy together. After the onsen, all the muscle pain was gone and I feel so relieved. It was then the perfect time to have a cup of tea and snacks to replenish water and nutrients.

The onsen hotel in Nasu provided traditional bathrobe, yukata, (ゆかた) for us to wear after taking the onsen and you can freely choose between the colour and pattern. They were so beautiful and I took many pictures with my mom in the garden and restuarants for memories. When we met a Japanese elegant grandma, she found that we wear the yukata wrongly and she was so nice to help us fix the ribbon and tidy the yukata.

The food and services were very good in quality. The dinner contained seasonal ingredients and there were so many dishes that after eating some, the waitress tidied the empty plates and gave the next dishes. They were all so delicious and delicate that I wanted more but already felt very full. The staff no matter in reception or restaurant or onsen were always smiling and they are very patient and attentive to our needs. After our dinner, our bed were already prepared with straw mats, tatami, (たたみ) on the floor. I never slept on the floor before and originally I thought it will be very cold and tough. But out of my expectation that tatami is actually really comfortable, warm and soft.

Have you ever tried onsen in Japan? If not, please go and try it! I am sure you will in love of it. If yes, do you have any favourite and which season do you usually go? Let`s share about it.

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