Setagaya City: Hanegi Plum festival and Gotokuji Temple

Setagaya City: Hanegi Plum festival and Gotokuji Temple

Setagaya City might not be one of the most popular places in Tokyo, but it has it's own amount of incredible places.

Hanegi Park is at a 20 min ride in train distance from Shinjuku Station. In mid February of this year the Plum Festival (梅まつり) took place here. The blooming of this threes painted in different shades of pink the park, making a pre-call for the coming spring. 

Is common in Japan that people gather around the places where this threes are blooming to contemplate them, making festivals with stalls of food and special items, doing special activities and of course, take a lot of pictures with them. 

Hanegi Park it's certainly a good place to see the blooming plums and enjoy a quiet atmosphere. Being surrounded by the beauty of this threes will make you feel like a part of one of the Ukiyo-e images. 

Nearby the park, in a 15 min walk, you can find the Gotokuji Temple, famous because of the large amount of "Maneki Neko" figures that lays there. For this reason, many people also just call it "the cat temple".

The story of Gotokuji temple goes back to more than 600 years ago. The tranquility of the temple and the beautiful figures and statutes makes the place a good destination, and the shops nearby had made the "Maneki Neko" the trade mark of the neighborhood. If you are a cat lover it is a must go place in Tokyo. 

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