Sightseeing in Hakone

Sightseeing in Hakone

Hakone is famous for its onsen but its more than that. The variety in landscapes makes it a perfect sightseeing spot. Let me recommend you some must do items there.

First, get the Hakone Freepass which allows you to travel within Hakone by all transportations for unlimited rides. The two-day pass also include a return ride from Shinjuku. It is really worth the money and convenient.

Second, take the Hakone Ropeway to travel up the mountain. During the ride, I was amazed by the stunning mountain range and valley. That day was sunny, I could see the Mount Fuji but what a pity that it was covered by clouds. When the Ropeway passed the summit and arrived Owakudani, I saw smokes bursting out from the crater and felt like it was fairyland. The significant sulphur odour gave me a strong sense of nature.

What you should not miss is the local speciality black egg (kuro tamago), it is boiled in the sulfuric hot springs so that the shell is black while inside is normal. It is believed that eating one kuro tamago can prolong your life by seven years. Everyone lines up for that and it tastes good too.

Third, cross Lake Ashi with the Hakone Sightseeing Cruise (pirate ship). It is very enjoyable to view the magnificient Mount Fuji and distinctive red Torii Gates of Hakone Shrine on the cruise. The lake was very clear and blue and gave you a sense of calmnesss.

Last but not least, remember to take a picture with the gorgeous red Torii Gates of Hakone Shrine to end the fruitful day.

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