Ueno Park and its surroundings

Ueno Park and its surroundings

If you have ever dreamed of coming to Japan, or plan to in the near future, sooner or later you will inevitably find yourself in the Ueno neighbourhood of Tokyo. 

So, what's so special about it in my opinion? 

Not only there are many events and festivals held in the central square of Ueno Park, but it also offers access to different museums such as the well known Tokyo National Museum, the National Museum of Western Art, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and the popular among both adults and kids National Science Museum. Not to forget Ueno Zoo, home to the popular giant panda bears (and much, much more). 

Moreover, just outside the park lies the Shinobazu Pond area. Right behind the Bentendo Hall it is possible to rent a swan boat, detail that makes it a favorite of mine when I feel like catching a break from the swarming city traffic. 

Adding to that, when talking about Ueno there is one last spot that can not go unmentioned: that place is Ameyoko Street. Established right outside Ueno Station after World War II, the market street offers amusement for everyone, from arcades to drugstores, from second-hand vintage shops to izakayas and food stalls that sell delicious (though not so cheap) seasonal fruits.

Definitely worth a visit!

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