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Tokyo Kid Box

“SPY x FAMILY”  The original Japanese version of the comic series.

“SPY x FAMILY”  The original Japanese version of the comic series.

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“SPY x FAMILY,” created by comic artist, Tatsuya Endo is a Japanese shonen manga (comic targeted towards boys). It has been serialized as a WEB comic in the “Shounen Jump+,” since 2019, every other Monday. The comic perhaps takes some inspiration from Hollywood films, such as “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” in its plot, with characters hiding their identity. The story follows a spy, a skilled assassin, and a telepath, who form a family as they each hide their identities. It focuses on their daily struggles in a comedic way, as they try to maintain their “normal” family life. The comic has broken records as a WEB comic, in terms of the number of views, comments, and published copies, and has become the first big hit comic in “Shonen Jump+.” In 2023, it received the 52nd Japan Cartoonists Association Award Comic Category Grand Prize. It also became a hit in WEB Comic platform, “MANGA Plus,” creating fans all over the world. This product contains the original Japanese version of the comics from Volume 1 up to Volume 7. It is a used product, but is good as new. In the Japanese version of the comics, the story is read from top to bottom, right page to left. All the volumes are written in Japanese. You can enjoy the heartwarming family moments, along with the comedy and facial expressions of the characters. Only one set is available, so it will be first come, first served. Perfect for fans!


◆Condition:A Complete Set/Second-hand good condition

Comic Size:W115 x H178mm

◆Print:Cover/4 colors, inside/black and white

◆Product:Volume 1~Volume 7




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