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A cooking knife masterpiece, made with the art of Japanese sword (katana) making: Seki Magoroku “Kaname” 195mm

A cooking knife masterpiece, made with the art of Japanese sword (katana) making: Seki Magoroku “Kaname” 195mm

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The Seki Magoroku "Kaname" series is a cooking knife that won the Product Design Award at the "RED Dot Award" for products with excellent design. It is a cooking knife with a smooth, sharp cutting quality and durability. The entire knife is thoughtfully made, from the blade to the handle shape. The functional beauty that develops an attachment the more you use it, is truly a work of art of cooking knives. The skills of the blade's craftsmen cultivated in the area of ​​“Seki,” Japan , since the time when the samurai were alive, are condensed in this product.

The master line created from innovative technology is the pinnacle of the Seki Magoroku, which can be used for a long time. With a blade length and width, it sufficient is one that shows its true value from home cooking to professional cooking. Even fragile ingredients such as sashimi and roast beef can be beautifully cut, with a sharpness like a Japanese katana.

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Size: Full length 338 x Blade length 195 x Blade width 51 x Handle 23mm, 161g, stainless steel composite

This cooking knife works for both right-handed and left-handed people.

 [Taking care of the knife] After use, apply a mild detergent to the sponge, remove dirt, rinse, wipe off the moisture well with a dry cloth, and store in a place with little moisture.

[Resharpening the knife] When it becomes difficult to cut ripe tomatoes, or when the chicken slips and does not cut well, it is time to resharpening the knife. In order to use the Seki Magoroku "Kaname" for a long time, if you send it to us, we will resharpen the blade with professional sharpening. The shipping and resharpening service fee will be charged separately.

[About name engraving] With an additional fee, you can add a name or initials, using up to 30 half-width English characters (including the space between names).

 * Seki Magoroku / Seki clan had many masters, but the person who was known as an excellent swordsmith was the second generation "Magoroku Kanemoto". From the city, Seki, where Magoroku lived, it came to be called "Seki Magoroku". The "Seki Magoroku" sword, which is created from a unique forging method, is beautiful in appearance, sturdy, and has an outstanding sharpness. Moreover, it does not break, does not bend, and embodies the ability to cut well. The work and spirit of "Seki Magoroku" have been passed down with their skills and names to the present day as well.




"Kiritsuke" shape
The "Kirituke" shape with roots in Japanese knives
"Steel materials"
Three-layer steel made of special stainless-steel blade with high degree hardness steel as the core material
"Torii-zori" (Torii curve)
The carefully selected shape with the beauty in its functional design
"Octagonal handle"
An easy-to-hold handle that reflects the voice of customers and professionals

■Size: 338 x 195×51 x 23mm, 161g, made in Japan


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