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Tokyo Kid Box

Mei-chan’s celebration~Box of Chirashi sushi.

Mei-chan’s celebration~Box of Chirashi sushi.

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Chirashi sushi is a type of sushi that is eaten during celebrations in Japan. The box includes a sushi oke (container), 2 shamoji (rice spatula to scoop the rice), a sushi base, Sakura denbu (mashed and seasoned fish), kinshi-tamago (thin, sliced egg), 20 bags of Japanese green tea, canned green peas, 2 yunomis (Japanese tea cups), and 2 sets of chopsticks and chopstick rests. The topping ingredients vary depending on each family, but it is common to include shrimp, shiitake mushrooms boiled in sweetened soy sauce, salmon, salmon roe, sakura denbu, bamboo shoots, and kinshi-tamago, as well as green peas, radish sprouts, etc., to match the season. To eat the chirashi sushi, take it out of the sushi oke and put it on a small plate.

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* Seasoning mix for sushi; vinegar
* Pink fish floss; Fish, Sugar
* Egg omlet; Egg
* Green peas
* Green tea
* Tea cup; Ceramic
* Chopsticks; Wood
* Chopsticks stand; Ceramic
* Wodden bowl for sushi rice; Wood
* Rice spoon; wood
*Be sure to check the Allergens
Allergens; Egg, Milk, Soybean, Wheat, Gelatin, Apple, Cuttle fish, Almond, Peanut, Meat,


*Wodden bowl for sushi rice ; (Dia)26cm×(H)7.5cm
*Rice spoon ; (D)14.5cm×(W)5.5cm
*Chopsticks ; Length; 24cm
*Chopsticks stand ; (W)5cm×(D)1.1cm


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