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Tokyo Kid Box

How about some popular sweets from Hokkaido?

How about some popular sweets from Hokkaido?

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This is an assortment of local sweets available only in Hokkaido, Japan. Hakodate's famous Gotoken restaurant's “Corn Potage Okaki,” the “Sekkasei” (Blue Snow Flower) cookies that melt in your mouth, Miso Ramen Sumire's “Miso Fries,” the “ Potato Butter Cookie” made with potatoes from Hokkaido, and Truffle-flavored Hokkaido fries. As a bonus, we have also included a rich miso cup noodle from Sumire's sister store, “Sapporo Junren.” Also, each box ordered from Tokyo Kid Box contains a Japanese character freebie. Enjoy! If you have any food allergies, please be careful and consume at your own discretion. If it does not suit your taste or you feel sick after eating it, please stop immediately.

All products come with a character Freebie & Free Shipping

Gotoken “Corn Potage Okaki”/Soft Okaki (Japanese Rice Crackers) with a flavor of Hokkaido's sweet corn.

The cookie that melts in your mouth “Sekkasei”/Smooth and moist, melting in your mouth like snow. It is a melty cookie with a rich whipped cream flavor.

Sumire's “Miso Fries”/ Fries from Hokkaido that have a miso flavor and a hint of garlic, like miso ramen.

The “Potato Butter Cookie” made with potatoes from Hokkaido/ A very Hokkaido-like cookie, crispy, with a rich butter smell, and milk flavor.

Truffle flavored “Hokkaido Fries”/The ultimate fries snack, with fresh Hokkaido potatoes sprinkled with luxurious truffle salt.

*The taste of the famous restaurant “Sapporo Junren” cup noodle/Recreates the chewy texture of Hokkaido Ramen, by using non-fried noodles, rare for instant ramen noodles. You can enjoy Hokkaido Sapporo's rich Junren miso ramen at home.




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