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NISSIN 【NISSIN Yakisoba (stir-fried noodles)】 The Actually Delicious “Fried” U・F・O

NISSIN 【NISSIN Yakisoba (stir-fried noodles)】 The Actually Delicious “Fried” U・F・O

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The well-known instant cup yakisoba “U・FO” in Japan, since 1976. Many of you may know about it, as it is sold all over the world. However, NISSIN’s yakisoba U.F.O is not an abbreviation for “unidentified flying object.” As written on the package, “UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT,” stands for “Umai, Futoi, Ōki”(Delicious, Thick, Big) in Japanese. In Japan, yakisoba can often be eaten as a side dish or snack as well, and the sweet and spicy sauce flavor makes it a popular snack for beer. Additionally, in Japan, grilling yakisoba on a BBQ stove at a camping site has become popular as a fun activity. This time, we will be offering the U.F.O instant bag noodles, with the renewed “thick, thick, rich sauce.” Until recently, the U.F.O. was only sold in the cup noodle style, but rumors spread among enthusiasts that cooking the U.F.O noodles in a frying pan would make the U.F.O yakisoba even more savory and delicious, which led to the commercialization of the bag noodle style U.F.O. We hope people from around the world can try grilling/frying the U.F.O yakisoba as well. We have also included one cup noodle, so if you would like, please try comparing them!

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