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Tokyo Kid Box

Japan’s beloved!~Box of Choice Soy Sauce.

Japan’s beloved!~Box of Choice Soy Sauce.

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A soybean seasoning that represents Japan. We cannot talk about Japanese cuisine without mentioning soy sauce. You can add sugar to make it sweeter, use it as it is, thicken it and use it as yakitori sauce or as a BBQ sauce. We've created a set of high quality soy sauce, which you can use for grilled fish, sashimi, steak, simmered dishes--almost anything! The package includes 2 bottles of special soy sauce, 1 bottle of sashimi soy sauce, and 6 servings of miso soup. Try making your own Japanese cuisine at home!



* Silk soy sauce
* Sashimi soy sauce
* Fried eddplant miso soup
*Be sure to check the Allergens
Allergens;Egg, Milk, Soybean, Wheat, Gelatin, Apple, Cuttle fish, Almond,Peanut,Meat,


* Silk soy sauce ; 450ml×2p
* Sashimi soy sauce ; 200ml


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