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Tokyo Kid Box

Swim! Taiyaki kun~Box of Taiyaki.

Swim! Taiyaki kun~Box of Taiyaki.

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Japan’s famous winter snack “Taiyaki.” The box contains a sea bream shaped frying pan and two flavors of taiyaki mix (plain and matcha), as well as sweet bean paste made from Hokkaido beans, and custard cream and chocolate cream that can be made by simply mixing with milk. There is also a chocolate pen included, if you would like to write a message on the taiyaki. You can also try including ingredients of your choice in your taiyaki, such as cheese or sausages, to enjoy your own original flavor!

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* Taiyaki pan; stainless steel
* Sweet bean paste; sugar, beans
* Custard cream; dextrose, milk
* Chocolate pen; sugar, cocoa
* Chocolate cream; starch , cocoa, sugar
* Taiyaki flour; wheat, sugar
* Taiyaki flour (matcha); wheat, sugar matcha
*Be sure to check the Allergens
Allergens;Egg, Milk, Soybean, Wheat, Gelatin, Apple, Cuttle fish, Almond,Peanut,Meat,


* Taiyaki pan; (L)18.0(W)14.0(H)3.5(handle part)20.0


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