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Tokyo Kid Box

Get mad! Takoyaki kun/Box of Takoyaki.

Get mad! Takoyaki kun/Box of Takoyaki.

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Enjoy making the classic Japanese snack “Takoyaki” and have a party! The set includes a takoyaki mix, a takoyaki frying pan, a takoyaki pick, takoyaki plates, Japanese mayonnaise, takoyaki sauce, bonito flakes, tempura flakes, aonori (dried seaweed) , and shrimp, to help you get started right away! A fun idea for a takoyaki party is the “takoyaki roulette,” where you put hot sauce inside a takoyaki to see who gets it.

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* Takoyaki pan; Alminium
* Takoyaki pick; Nylon, Polypropylene
* Takoyaki plate; wood
* Takoyaki powder; flour
* Mayonnaise; egg,vinegar
* Takoyaki sauce; fruit, vegetable
* Dried seaweed
* Tempura bits; flour, squid
* Dried shrimp
* Red pickled ginger
* Bonito flakes; bonito
*Be sure to check the Allergens
Allergens;Egg, Milk, Soybean, Wheat, Gelatin, Apple, Cuttle fish, Almond,Peanut,Meat,


* Takoyaki pan;(dia)21.0(H)3.0
* Takoyoaki pick;17.7×2cm
* Takoyaki plate;21.5cm×11cm×4cm


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