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“My Hero Academia” The original Japanese version of the comic series,

“My Hero Academia” The original Japanese version of the comic series,

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“My Hero Academia,” created by comic artist, Kohei Horikoshi, is a Japanese manga. It has been serialized in a shonen manga (comic targeted towards boys) magazine, the “Weekly Shonen Jump,” since 2014. It was adapted into an anime in 2015. It has attracted attention from a very early stage, and has been described as a “hero of the next generation of boys’ manga.” As of 2018, it is one of Shonen Jump’s leading popular works, along with other comics such as “ONE PIECE,” “HUNTER X HUNTER,” and “Haikyu!!”. What makes a hero great is “not to fight, but to save people.” The “hero” in the series is portrayed as one who engages in economic activities and competition in accordance with the spirit of capitalism, while at the same time, being also a savior with high work ethics to “save” many people. On the other hand, the main character Izuku, is portrayed as someone who seeks the ideals of self-sacrifice and social service that heroes possess, and avoids self-absolutization. As a result, this work became an epoch-making manga that succeed in positioning social ethics above the spirit of capitalism in its portrayal. As of February 2023, the cumulative circulation worldwide has exceeded 85 million copies. It is also very popular in the United States and France, and has become a driving force in the local manga markets as well. According to a survey by the American online magazine Cv2, it was ranked first in the top 10 best-selling Japanese manga in the United States from September to October 2018. In 2019, it won the Harvey Award for Best Manga. The comic book includes several bonus elements, with the front cover under the book cover showing a concept idea for the characters, and the back cover showing a preview of the next volume. The fold-out part of the cover also includes some bonus pictures. This product contains the original Japanese version of the comics from Volume 1 up to Volume 38. It is a used product, but is good as new. In the Japanese version of the comics, the story is read from top to bottom, right page to left. All the volumes are written in Japanese, so you can enjoy the original word choices of the author. A set of 38 volumes. Only one set is available, so it will be first come, first served. Perfect for fans!



Comic Size: 000 x 000mm

Print: Cover/4 colors, inside/black and white

Product: Volume 1~Volume 38




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