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“NARUTO” The original Japanese version of the comic series,

“NARUTO” The original Japanese version of the comic series,

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“NARUTO,” created by comic artist, Masashi Kishimoto, is a Japanese manga. It is an action comic that focuses on ninjas and their battles. It was serialized in a shonen manga (comic targeted towards boys) magazine, the “Weekly Shonen Jump,” from 1994 until 2014 and is very popular, along with comics such as “ONE PIECE". Taking inspiration from several Asian cultures and traditions for its setting, the story follows the main character, Naruto Uzumaki, through his battles and growth, and the friendships and other relationships he builds. The story also draws attention to the world of the shinobi, and its history and origins. This comic series has become popular all over the world, and was the only fictional character selected as one of the “100 Japanese people respected by the world“ in the “Newsweek Japan.” Additionally, it also contributed to a ramen boom overseas, as several foreigners learned about ramen reading the comics.

The series has sold over 250 million copies worldwide. Related game series have sold over 28 million copies, and among them, the “Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4” has shipped a total of 11.88 million units worldwide as of December 2022, making it the best-selling anime game in history. It is one of the most popular Japanese anime works around the world, ranking 1st in 81 out of 187 countries. This product contains the original Japanese version of the comics from Volume 1 up to Volume 72 + a spin-off manga. It is a used product, but is good as new. In the Japanese version of the comics, the story is read from top to bottom, right page to left. All the volumes are written in Japanese, so you can enjoy the original word choices of the author. A complete set from the first volume + spin-off manga (Naruto: The Seventh Homage and the Scarlet Spring). Only one set is available, so it will be first come, first served.

 Comic Size: 000 x 000mm

Print: Cover/4 colors, inside/black and white

Product: Volume 1~Volume 72+ 1 Spin-off Comic




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