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Tokyo Good sleep pillow of buckwheat husk(Boys print)

Tokyo Good sleep pillow of buckwheat husk(Boys print)

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The buckwheat hull pillow is a popular type of pillow that represents Japan. It helps with good sleep through its heat dissipation, breathable material, and great moisture control. It has just the right amount of firmness and feel, making it ideal for those who like the feeling of having their head firmly supported during their sleep.

The type we will be introducing is a box-shaped buckwheat hull pillow. The box-shaped pillow is a traditional Japanese type, and supports the head and neck directly. It is wrapped in a cute printed modern design, with both edges tied with a few beads. The pillow is made to fit your head the more it is used. As it is made out of natural materials, please avoid using it with wet hair. The buckwheat hull pillow does not do well with humidity, so please dry it under the sun and use it in a dry state. After being used for a long time, the buckwheat hulls will become crushed, and the pillow may become low, but if you replenish or replace the buckwheat hulls, it will become comfortable again. Made from Japanese natural materials, it is a very environmentally friendly pillow that can be reused several times.

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* buckwheat husk

【How to care】
①This pillow cannot be washed. Please use it with a pillow cover.
②Do not use it with wet hair. Mold and insects may occur.
③Please be sure to dry it in the sun and store it in a well-ventilated place.


* Weight; 716g
* Size; (H)10cm×(Dia)12cm×(W)34cm

Allergies: It is not food, but please be careful if you are allergic to buckwheat.


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