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Tokyo Kid Box

Samurai Celebration)/ Box of Assorted Tokyo Confectioneries

Samurai Celebration)/ Box of Assorted Tokyo Confectioneries

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A celebration snack of Edo, that was given as a tribute to the Tonosama (lord) during a time when there were still samurai in Japan. It was used for congratulatory events such as weddings, celebrations of newborns, and new house celebrations. The official name is “Kinkatou” (golden flower sugar), and it is made only with sugar and water, poured into a wooden mold. It is an Edo-mae confectionary that cannot be seen in the countryside, and is a precious traditional confectionary that has continued to be made and preserved by the confectionary craftsmen in Tokyo. The product can be used as sugar for coffee or tea as well. Why not experience this special snack with Tokyo Kid Box? Although the product meets Japanese food safety standards, if you have any food allergies, please be careful and consume it at your own discretion. If it does not suit your taste or you feel sick after eating it, please stop immediately.

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* Sugar
* Coloring(Red3,Blue1.Yelloe4,)



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