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Kaki no Tane 6package Box【Limited product in Japan】

Kaki no Tane 6package Box【Limited product in Japan】

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“Kaki no Tane”, a popular Japanese rice cracker snack, that is loved all over the world. The original Kaki no Tane flavor is a combination of soy sauce flavored rice crackers with peanuts. The secret to its delicious taste is that the ratio of rice crackers and peanuts is adjusted to "6:4". This time, we will introduce 6 new flavors of the "Kaki no Tane" series limited to Japan.

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  • The Original “Kaki no Tane”: Slightly spicy, delicious with peanuts. It is the most popular Kaki no Tane flavor.
  • Smoked "Kaki no Tane": A completely new flavor of "Kaki no Tane" which is a combination of smoked salted almonds with unglazed "Kaki no Tane".
  • Salted “Kaki no Tane”: The truffle salt flavored cashew nuts combined with unglazed “Kaki no Tane” gives a taste of higher quality.
  • Kishu Nanko Ume, Ume Shiso "Kaki no Tane": This is a refreshing “Ume” flavored "Kaki no Tane" that uses the dried powder of Kishu Nanko Ume, a high-class Umeboshi brand in Japan. A taste of Japan that you can enjoy with your favorite sake.
  • CHUMS supervised "Kaki no Tane": A "Kaki no Tane" flavor in collaboration with the outdoor brand CHUMS. The flavor is an original spice flavor with a mixture of garlic, onion, and celery flavored vegetable powder, which gives an outdoor vibe.
  • Wasabi flavored “Kaki no Tane”: It has a delicious wasabi spice flavor. The taste of soy sauce and wasabi flavored rice crackers is just like eating sushi. The wasabi used is a powdered wasabi from Azumino. Enjoy the refreshing spiciness of Japanese wasabi.


★“Kaki no Tane” is a rice confection made from baked rice with the "seed" (“tane”) of a Japanese persimmon (“kaki”) as a motif.

This product has passed Japan's food safety standards, but if you have any food allergies such as wheat, peanuts, almonds, cashew nuts, onions, soybeans, etc., please be careful and consume at your own discretion. If it does not suit your taste or you feel sick after eating it, please stop immediately.




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