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Maruchan Se-abura (pork back fat) Instant Ramen Noodles 【3 popular ramen flavors】

Maruchan Se-abura (pork back fat) Instant Ramen Noodles 【3 popular ramen flavors】

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In Japan, there are several different types of ramen. The traditional soy sauce flavor, miso flavor, and tonkotsu flavor, using chicken and pork soup are the mainstream flavors. In Japan today, ramen noodles such as "Back Fat Chaccha-kei" with pork back fat, "Jiro-kei" with a mega-sized portion of vegetables, and "Yokohama Ie-kei" that originated in Yokohama are becoming popular. This time, we have prepared the “Back Fat Chaccha-kei” ramen noodles from the Maruchan “ZUBAAAN!” series, which you can enjoy at home as well. We offer three flavors: back fat rich soy sauce flavor, garlic pork soy sauce flavor, and Yokohama Ie-kei soy sauce tonkotsu flavor. All of them have chewy noodles, with a thick flavored soup that has a punchy taste that brings out the salty umami. It recreates the taste of the popular “Back Fat Chaccha-kei” ramen noodle shops located near the side of the national highway and downtown area in Japan. Each product contains the soup and noodles only. The ingredients in the photo are not included. Please enjoy it with your preferred ingredients, such as vegetables, menma (seasoned bamboo shoots), char siu (roasted pork), seasoned boiled egg, etc. The photo is an example of a Japanese ramen serving.

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