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Original Kaki No Tane/ Naniwaya Seika【Limited Japanese Product】 

Original Kaki No Tane/ Naniwaya Seika【Limited Japanese Product】 

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Loved by many people around the world, “Kaki no Tane” is a representative rise cracker snack in Japan. In the original Kaki no Tane, there are actually no peanuts, creating a very mature spicy flavor. The original Kaki no Tane was first created in 1924. They used to be made using normal Japanese rice crackers, forming the shape with an oval-shaped mold. The mold was accidentally stepped on at one point, and the name, “Kaki no Tane” (persimmon seed) was born, due to the distorted shape resembling a persimmon seed shape. Now the snack is popular not only in Japan, but in many countries around the world. This time, we will introduce 3 flavors of the Naniwaya Seika’s limited original Kaki no Tane.

 1)<Extra Spicy> It is an extra spicy, large sized Kaki no Tane, that has been slowly baked over time. The original Kaki no Tane is also spicy, but this one has an even spicier flavor.

2)<Yuzu & Shichimi (blend of seven spices)> An arrangement of Japanese citrus yuzu flavor and shichimi chili. It has a refreshing flavor with moderate spiciness, along with the delicious smell of the peanuts.

3)<Aojiso (green shiso)> Reminiscent of Japanese pickled plums, the Japanese herb, “Aojiso.” It is an essential herb for making pickled plums. The refreshing green shiso flavor along with the sourness and spiciness of the original Kaki no Tane flavor, is outstandingly delicious.


 ※“Kaki no Tane” is a rice cracker snack made from baked rice with the “seed” (“tane”) of a Japanese persimmon (“kaki”) as a motif. This product has passed Japan's food safety standards, but if you have any food allergies, please be careful and consume at your own discretion.




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